Although the legendary CSTEP-2 is an engineering success with the ability to insert grommets with a fraction of the force of competitor presses, the CSTEP-2 Large raises the bar even higher. It requires 50% less force than the CSTEP-2!!

  Compatible with the EyeleD™ Pointer. EyeleD Pointer is an accessory that projects a light dot onto the exact grommet attachment point on the substrate to precisely guide the actual grommet installation.
  GrommetSniper™ compatibility. GrommetSniper™ is a unique alignment fixture accessory for the CSTEP-2 hand press that ensures the precise alignment and spacing of grommets.
  Large GrommetSniper™ compatibility. Snipe the X-Large Eyelets too.  
   Utilizes either self-piercing grommets or curtain eyelets. Precise enough to set the smallest grommets and strong enough to set the largest.  
   Large Throat Depth. Able to apply the grommets not only on the edge but enables you to go further.
   Free-standing, bench-mounted or on the wheels. (based on version)

Lever Length 400 mm  15 3/4 ”
Throat Depth 105 mm  4 1/4  ”
Net Weight 10 kg 22 lbs
Dimensions (Height × Width × Depth) 540 × 110 × 340 mm  21 1/4 ” × 3 1/3  ” × 13 1/2 ”
Compatible Accessories
Applicable Grommet Sizes From #XX00 (3.4 mm) to #12 (40 mm)
Compatible Dies Self-Piercing Die Sets (All sizes)
Two-Step-Die Sets (All sizes)
Hole Piercer Die Sets (From #XX00 (3.4 mm) to #5.5 (16.7 mm))