When we created CS-TIDY-41, our goal was to design and engineer the best pneumatic grommet press ever. After a diligent research and development study and numerous trials, we have finally achieved our goal. Now it is in a class of its own with unique features and an extensive accessory selection, yet it is still affordable.

It is the lightest pneumatic grommet attaching machine ever and thanks to its super compact size and the built-in carrying handle, “you can carry this 7 kg/15 lb little monster everywhere.”

The CS-TIDY-41 has a convenient slug collection drawer and this smart machine is designed to keep your working place tidy. Special self-cleaning dies are available in popular sizes specific to the CS-TIDY-41 and when used with those specific dies, the slugs are collected in its built-in drawer. No more hassles to clean the slugs. 

There are four versions of CS-TIDY-41 per the starting choice. Use the built-in manual trigger mechanism (included in all versions), the top-mounted pneumatic button, or the pneumatic foot pedal version for your specific project. Or, get them all and be prepared for any job. 

All controls can be set up for right-handed or left-handed operation for the best fit to your project. Each model works with standard air and needs no electricity. It conforms with CE/OSHA requirements.
Compatible with the ClipsShop EyeleD Pointer™ Accessory – a next generation LED version of the traditional laser pointers to show the operator the exact attaching point. The EyeleD Pointer accessory works on either battery or electricity. 

It is also compatible with the ClipsShop GrommetSniper™ Accessory Alignment Fixture for consistent placement of grommets. 

The CS-TIDY-41 allows you to work on many types of materials that require attachment of grommets, including vinyl, corrugated plastic, chipboard, other plastics, industrial textiles, fabric, poster board, and many other substrates.

Along with its special self-cleaning dies, all ClipsShop self-piercing dies and all-in-one die sets for curtain eyelets are compatible and can be used interchangeably with the CS-TIDY-41 machine. 

The CS-TIDY-41 comes with an instruction manual that guides you to set up the TIDY in a few minutes. “Then, operating it is just a pushover.” Some of the versions features provide a dial for variable speed operation, when needed.

Upgrade your grommet press setting machine to the CS-TIDY-41 for a more efficient and accurate process while keeping your working place tidy. Simply place it on a table or mount it to a bench. Optionally, you can use it on its specially-designed, mobile cart or adjustable table accessory! It is lighter than most hand presses so you can take it anywhere you want in your office or move it among the big machines in your manufacturing plant. 

Throat Depth From the Center 100 mm 4’’
Net Weight 7 kg 15 lb
Gross Weight 7.5 kg 16.5 lb
Dimensions (Height × Width × Depth): 285 × 120 × 247 mm 11 1/4’’× 4 3/4’’ × 9 3/4’’ 
Compatible Accessories Mobile Cart 
Adjustable Table
Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL) Accessory 
EyeleD Pointer (CSEDP-01)
Large GrommetSniper™
Compatible Dies

TIDY Self-Cleaning Die Sets
Self-Piercing Die Sets (All sizes)
Two-Step-Die Sets (All sizes)
Plastic Grommet Die Set

Applicable Grommet Sizes #XX00 - #12EA