Grommets Plus has a well-earned reputation as a supplier of the most reliable and consistent self-piercing grommets in the market.

Grommets Plus only uses reputable European and American manufacturers who use high quality brass as a raw material. Many cheaper alternatives are 'brass coated' steel which are likely to rust in Australia's harsh conditions. The self-piercing grommets function together with specially-designed dies. This combination enables the grommet machine to pierce and set a grommet in a single action without pre-punching a hole. Excellent results are obtained on many stiff materials including vinyl. 

Not all self-piercing grommets are the same and the differences are revealed when the project becomes more complex. ClipsShop grommets have a solid reputation on having the highest self-piercing ability and are regarded as one of the highest-quality lines worldwide. 

Having the ability to consistently supply the same grommets that fit a machine/die set that was purchased decades ago is also very critical and one of the many points that ClipsShop distinguishes itself from other manufacturers. ClipsShop’s self-piercing grommets carry many advantages revealed not only in day one, but also in the long run.

All our 12 sizes of self-piercing grommets and washers are manufactured from the best raw materials. We carefully choose the best brass to sustain our quality standards. Our brass-made grommets can be used safely outdoors.
ClipsShop self-piercing grommets are available in brass, nickel, antique brass, and black oxide finishes. In addition to this large selection of finishes, many non-standard colored grommets can be manufactured upon request.

Even for the most assertive fashion designs or for heavy-duty applications, we suggest you use reliable ClipsShop grommets to make your products distinguished, attractive, and durable.

Our ability to make our own grommet production toolings provides us the opportunity to manufacture custom-made grommets. We can produce any size/shape grommets for you, our valuable customers and prospects for your custom-made, grommet-needed project. Please note that custom grommet making is neither an easy nor a quick process, so custom shape/size grommet production is feasible only for large-volume grommet-needed projects.