Choosing a Grommet Press

Kelvin Hill

There are four important considerations when choosing a new grommet press-

  1. Grommet Size: The larger the grommet, the higher the force required to insert them properly.  Often the smaller/cheaper presses cannot apply nor are they built strong enough to withstand the mechanical force needed to insert larger grommets. When purchasing a press it is therefore important to consider your future requirements to ensure your machine will fulfill your needs for years to come.
  2. Material Type & Thickness: This is another important consideration for the sames reason as Point 1. Stronger and thicker materials require more force to insert the grommet.
  3. Volume of insertions: Should you be required to insert large volumes of grommets it is worth considering pneumatic (air powered) machines. Not only will this speed up your process it will also greatly reduce the physical strain on the operator.
  4. Availability of accessories: The ability to add laser pointers and snipers to your machine may also be a consideration where processing speed is important for you.