ClipsShop™’s perfectly engineered Two-Step-Dies can make clear-cut holes and set the eyelets in even the toughest multi-layer hardest fabrics, or in the most sensitive of materials. The excellent precision of the ClipsShop™ eyelet-attaching die sets guarantee professional eyelet attachment quality. 

Two-Step-Dies for curtain and mid-size eyelets are suitable for hole making and eyelet application on various substrates, including but not limited to curtains, tarpaulins, drapery, and home textiles.

ClipsShop™’s Two-Step-Die is designed for piercing and setting the eyelets with a single die easily. This is a time-saving and cost-efficient alternative to the traditional process where separate piercing and eyelet setting dies are used. No more need to have two separate dies and the die changing process to attach an eyelet.

First, the washer is placed on the lower die. The first punch pierces the fabric. Then, the grommet is placed on the lower die on top of the cut part of the fabric without changing the position of the fabric and the second punch attaches the eyelet. 

  No need for two separate piercing and attaching dies and die changing hassles.
  Top-notch workmanship and special metal hardening for excellent cutting/attachment results and long life span.
  Compatible with the CSTEP-2, CSTEP-2 Large, CSTON-1, CSBUR-1, CS-TIDY™ series pneumatic machines.
  Available sizes: #1 (8 mm), #2 (9,4mm), #3 (11,6mm), #4(12,7mm), #5(15mm), #5.5 (16.7 mm), #7.5 (25mm), #8.5 (28mm) and #12 (40mm)


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Two Step Dies

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