The CS-TIDY-T Adjustable Table accessory has been manufactured in light of our customers’ demands regarding the original smart table for the CS-TIDY–series pneumatic machines. The CS-TIDY-T is way more than just furniture to put your TIDY machine on. 

CS-TIDY-T is adjustable to fit to the ergonomic requirements of the user and designed to accommodate different physical dimensions and the requirements of the grommet attachment needs for various projects. 

Featuring telescopic legs and leveling feet, the height of the table can be adjusted between 25’’–33” (650-850 mm) to best fit your personal requirements. 

The surface of the table is recessed and the machine installation brackets are cleverly designed. Thus, the machine can be placed on the table surface in four different vertical position options. Place the machine fully recessed to bring the height of your grommet attachment surface flush with the table. Alternatively, go with one of the other three positioning options so the table surface and grommet attachment surface of the machine are properly positioned to each other to accommodate your project needs.  The adjustable accessory comes with embedded containers to accommodate your grommets and washers without creating any obstacles in your working space on the table.

The foot-pedal installation bar is tilted to increase the comfort of the user and enables the foot pedal to be installed on the right or on the left, per your own preference. Ergonomic and smartly designed, it provides flexibility and a long product life. You will find more than you expect from the ClipsShop’s CS-TIDY-T. 
  Ergonomic design.
  Four machine-to-table surface positioning options, including a fully-recessed position to bring the height of your grommet attachment surface flush with the table.
  Table height adjustment.
  Containers to accommodate washers and grommets. 
  Ergonomically-tilted foot-pedal installation bar to allow usage of the right or left foot. 
  Powder-painted steel construction.
  Well balanced.
  Dismountable in minutes. 
Adjustable height 650 – 850 mm 25 3/4 ’’– 33 2/4 ’’
Grommet attachment surface  to table
surface positioning options (difference in height)
0, 32, 44, 65 mm 0, 1 2/4’’, 1 1/4’’, 1 3/4’’, 2 2/4’’ 
Net Weight 12.5 kg 27.5 lb
Table size (Width × Length) 300 × 600 mm 11 3/4’’- 23 3/4’’
Width × Length × Height ( Containers) 100 x 120 × 47 mm 4’’x 4 3/4’’ x 1 3/4’’  
Compatible Machines CS-TIDY-41, CS-TIDY-51
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Adjustable Table for CSTIDY Machines

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