Very light weight aluminum body. Less than 750 gr. (1.5 lbs.) in weight. Perfect for small on-the-go jobs.
  Practical machine Easy to handle. Set grommets with a single hand.
  Affordable machine. So affordable, why would you want to use a hammer?
  Large throat depth. The deep throat allows flexibility in the placements of your grommets as much as 8 cm (3 ¼) inches from the edge of your project.
  Utilizes self piercing grommets. So your hole is cut and set in one operation, saving time and money.
  Interchangeable dies. #1 & #2 grommet dies are available for CSHAP-1 Hand Grommet Pliers. Allows setting two sizes of grommets by simple die-changing process which takes only seconds.
  Setting force adjustment. Adjust to desired pressure to suit your grommet-setting needs. 
Lever Length 167 mm 6 2/4 ”
Throat Depth (from the center of the die) 80  mm 3 1/4 ”
Net Weight 0.75 kg 1.5 lbs.
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 265 x 135 x 25 mm 10 2/4 ” x 5 1/4 ” x 1 ”
Compatible Dies CSHAP-1 Specific Die Sets (#1 and #2)
Applicable Grommet Sizes #1 (8 mm) and #2 (9.4 mm)
Qty available:1
Hand Pliers CSHAP-1 with #2 Die Set

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